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Williamsburg Film Festival
Board of Directors
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Board of Directors
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Williamsburg Classic Film Guild, Inc.

Board of Directors

President: Larry Floyd
Vice President: Bill Krantz
Secretary: Bill Ruehlmann
Treasurer: Sheila Zornetzer
Director At-Large: Tommy Wells
Director At-Large: Gene Blottner
Director At-Large: Bob Zornetzer

Committee Leadership

Invitation Committee:
 Larry Floyd
Larry Blanks
Mike Davanzo

Panel of Stars: Bill Sasser

B Western Movie Committee:
Tom Wyatt
Harry Daniel

Video Committee:
Bobby McCorkle
Gene Blottner
Tommy Wells

Registration: Sheila Zornetzer

Publicity: Larry Blanks

Festival Program: Bill Krantz

Photography: Tony M

Entertainment: Larry Floyd
Dealer Room:
Gene Blottner
Rob Floyd

Transportation: Ray Smith
Security: Art Conroy
 Tommy Wells
Ken Smith
Mike Davanzo

Hospitality: Rob Floyd

Members At-Large & Volunteers

Gail Smith
Betty Sasser
Cathy Blottner
Alice Krantz
Nell Floyd

Williamsburg Film Festival Committee Members

Bill Sasser, Gene Blottner, Bill Ruehlmann, Mitch Weisberg, Larry Floyd, Thelma Ertl, Bill Krantz, Tommy Wells,Tom Wyatt, Harry Daniel

Golden Boot Awards

Williamsburg Film Festival is presented by the Williamsburg Classic Film Guild, Inc.

"Williamsburg Film Festival" is trademark protected in the Commonwealth of Virginia